"Amsterdam Open Air" festival allows visitors to connect their PayPal account with their festival wristband

Advanced bracelets where you can pay with without having to take out your wallet. It's a phenomenon that shows up more often for events, concerts and festivals. After Spain and France, Paypal and PlayPass will now also be working together for Cashless Payments in the Netherlands! 

With our NFC bracelets you are able to buy food, clothes, ... very easy and very fast. Think shorter waiting times and rows during events. People only have to put up their wrists and the product has been paid for.  PlayPass has the possibility to connect your bracelet with your PayPal account. It was already done in Spain and France and the reactions of thousands of visitors were very promising. This summer we'll be bringing the "PayPal" wristbands to the Netherlands.

During the festivals of Apenkooi Events, the visitors will be able to pay digital and can leave their cash at home. You can pre-top-up your ticket/wristband or connect your PayPal account through the website of Amsterdam Open Air here: http://amsterdamopenair.nl/buy-tokens/

The flow is very simple, connect your PayPal account to your ticket and select a specific top-up budget. When you get to the festival entrance you'll receive your wristband with your NFC tag and PayPal account activated. You can start buying gifts, drinks, food,... once the amount is depleted you will receive an automatic top-up adding more money to your wristband.

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