Floraliën 2016: Ghent, 10 days in bloom

We provided our Cashless payment and Access Control Solution for the 140.000 visitors of the Floralies in Gent. 
As people were able to visit 5 different locations, they first got a bracelet linked to their ticket when entring the first location. With this wristband you were able to gain access to each location. We were able to track movements and see how many people were in a specific location, providing this for the organisation they were able to see that no max capacity limits were exceeded.

Next to that the visitor was also able to pre top-up or top-up their wristband on site and buy food, beverages,  flowers, gadgets,... with the NFC technology provided by PlayPass

More about Floralies:
Flowers & plants in dialogue with unique city locations

2016 Ghent Floralies: A dynamic and interactive extravaganza for young and old, with fascinating inspirational gardens, breathtaking floral creations, flower workshops and the latest trends. Discover the most beautiful creations at 4 locations in Ghent: the Bijloke site, the Leopold Barracks, Saint Peter’s Square and Citadel Park.



Flowers and plants conquer everyone’s hearts. They are the stars. Expect to explore a new and surprising trail.


Some of the leading floral artists from all over the world play an important role on all the sites. Admire the work of top florists and grandmasters who confront floral art with fine art at these historical sites.


Gardening is popular. Urban or rural, horizontal or vertical, alone or together. Be inspired to test your own green thumb and bring some green into your city, street or home.


The 35th Floralies also celebrate art. Belgian and foreign artists will install some amazing floral creations in several spectacular locations.

Check out the breath taking pictures here: http://www.floralien.be/nl/florali%C3%ABn-2016-beeld
The next edition of Floralies will be held in 2020!