February 18, 2016

French Articles regarding Trans Musicales

Article Nr. 1: Trans Musicales 2015. VIDÉO : le festival est passé au cashless

Trans Musicales 2015: The Festival goes Cashless!

At the Parc­Expo for Trans Musicales de Rennes 2015, festival­goers made payments with their wristband, a kind of electric wallet in a chip. “It’s super fast, we’re not rummaging in our pockets, no chance of losing any notes or your bank card” Stephane, Michel and Laurent have taken cashless to heart. This year, at the Parc­Expo, for the spectators of Les Trans, there were no payments in cash, or by card. If you wanted to eat or drink anything, there was only Cashless.

There were two options available: 

- Create a Paypal account at the festival website by providing your bank details and ticket numbers. Then load your wristband with anything up to €400.  ­

- Or go to any of the Cashless kiosks at the Liberte or at the parc Expo and load up with cash or bank card.

With the chip attached to the wristband, the festival­goer could pay by tapping the chip at the tills at bars and restaurants and their chip was immediately debited. This secure technology was developed by the Belgian company PlaypassIn order to to get a refund: those who preloaded in advance were automatically reimbursed within 72 hours of the festival ending. Others had till 31 December to enter their details at the festival website.


Wearables have for a time been used in the domain of sport and health, but they are on the risein live events. In fact, as we spoke about in a recent article, it is already possible to make payments thanks to connected wristbands. But what exactly IS a wearable, and what are the notable uses in the live events sector?In the live events world too, wearables are gaining in importance. We take an examples:

Playpass allows festival­goers to wear a cashless payment wristband. In practise this means that you can go to a concert and make all your payments (bar, merch etc) simply by placing the tag on your wristband at the point of sale. The advantage is to save queuing time and not to need to carry cash. This system will be used at the next Transmusicales Festival in Rennes