Review and Quote's of our Cashless Payment Solution linked with PayPal at Bime! (video)

At the end of October 2015 there was the Bime festival in Bilbao. Here we teamed up with PayPal to offer the visitors a unique cashless payment solution. Visitors were able to link their wristband to their PayPal account. This way they didn't have to manually top up money to their wristband or the remaining money on the wristband automatically got refunded to their PayPal account. 

Next to these awesome advantages for the visitor the festival also had the main benefits of using a cashless system at their festival such as faster transactions, real time data of the consumptions and a safer cashflow. In the video you'll see different quote's from the organisers of the festival, PayPal and the visitors of the festival. 

Raimundo Sala, General Director of PayPal at Spain and Portugal:
"We made if so the user, even before coming to the festival, has money loaded on their bracelet and can make purchases without waiting in line. Then, when the festival ends, the user can have the money remaining on the bracelet refunded to their PayPal account. It is very easy to use. You go to a bar, you want to buy a drink, you only need to put your bracelet up to the device so you can be identified as a user."

Gaby Salaverry, Marketing General Manager at LAST TOUR:
"We believe that eliminating the circulation of cash at festivals, making everything digital or virtual, helps us to have more interesting insights about how the public behaves. We create a digital user's profile, with whom we can interact more. This is only the beginning! We are sure that, in the following years, this technology will grow faster and what we really wanted was to start as soon as possible!"

Pedro Martinez, CEO Glaciar Music:
"You forget about money, you forget about worries, you go around with your bracelet like a king. You feel like a king with your bracelet! With it, you can just go everywhere. You feel like a king. Innovation, modernity, convenience, ground-breaking,..."

Bar Staff:
"There's no problem with fake bills, we don't need to check them, and we don't need to move around that much to give customers their change. Also, there's never going to be a mistake about how much money the customer gave you... so with this, it's faster!"

Festival visitor 1:
"You can prevent a lot of thefts with the bracelet, because concert vendors are not going to accept a broken bracelet..."

Festival vistors 2:
"We've been at BIME the other times and this is good because the bracelets can't be stolen."

Festival visitors 3:
"The simple act of digging a wallet out of a bag, then putting it back again is inconvenient... but with the bracelet you just swipe and it's done!"

Festival visitors 4:
"For the festival I only bring cash with me for the subway. The bracelet to me seems like the best payment system."

Yellow Mellow, YouTuber/Festival visitor: 
"I love the bracelet for two main reasons. First, you don't have to bring a wallet, it is very easy. You just go with your bracelet. You don't even have to bring a bag. And the second, for the bar staff, it's way faster, so it's better for them, and it's better for you too. You get your drink faster and they can do their job easily. I would like to use this bracelet everywhere. Everything would be much easier!"

Nice words from nice people! 

Check out the video here: