"THE RFID TIPPING POINT" an article by Access All Areas UK

RFID means increased revenue for festivals, so why are UK organisers reluctant to make the leap? There’s a system that means people spend on average 15 to 30 per cent more at a festival. It’s a system that has been hugely popular for years in mainland Europe and the United States, but is only now taking hold in the UK festival market. The name of this system? RFID.

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The Independent Festival’s Guide to Going Cashless

We have teamed up with the AIF Congress to produce the DEFINITIVE guide for any event organiser with an interest in adopting RFID cashless payments at their event, who wants to:

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Floraliën 2016: Ghent, 10 days in bloom

We provided our Cashless payment and Access Control Solution for the 140.000 visitors of the Floralies in Gent. As people were able to visit 5 different locations, they first got a bracelet linked to their ticket when entring the first location. With this wristband you were able to gain access to each location. We were able to track movements and see how many people were in a specific location,...

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