"THE RFID TIPPING POINT" an article by Access All Areas UK

RFID means increased revenue for festivals, so why are UK organisers reluctant to make the leap? There’s a system that means people spend on average 15 to 30 per cent more at a festival. It’s a system that has been hugely popular for years in mainland Europe and the United States, but is only now taking hold in the UK festival market. The name of this system? RFID.

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PlayPass was present at Liverpool Sound City!

Onsite at Sound City this year was PlayPass, and Insights spoke with its UK Business Development Director Steve Jenner about the RFID supplier’s latest developments. “We’re very excited to have just confirmed our second full-scale UK festival, Standon Calling,” said Jenner. “Just like Eastern Electrics – the first one we confirmed in the UK – they’ve already done cashless in the past so it’s a...

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Dutch article by Voka Antwerp: PlayPass biedt managementtool én zorgeloos feesten (of vice versa)

Voorgedrukte toegangstickets zijn de nitief out en de tickets die u thuis print om aan de ingang van een evenement handmatig gescand te worden zijn eigenlijk ook al op hun retour. De wereld ligt aan de voeten van de tickets die contactloos worden gescand én waar een elektronische portefeuille aan verbonden is. Resultaat: een zorgeloze bezoeker die zich niet meer moet bekommeren om cash geld en...

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