About PlayPass

PlayPass is a global leader in providing software solutions such as Access Control, Cashless Payments, Accreditation Management and Data Management/Analysis. Our solutions include the necessary hardware and wearables like cards or wristbands. 

PlayPass offers these solutions towards the entertainment industry to enhance the visitors’ experience and to allow organizers to efficiently manage their event. PlayPass creates the missing link between the visitor, the organizers, the retailers and the sponsors.

PlayPass is a rapidly growing company with an entrepreneurial spirit and ambitious plans. Following a breakthrough year in 2018, PlayPass is undergoing rapid worldwide expansion and acquiring a large and diverse portfolio of clients for the year ahead. 

A passionate and devoted team bundles its strengths to develop and implement our innovative solutions and services. The further growth makes this a very exciting time to join PlayPass. 

Will you be part of the software development team as DevOps Engineer? 



As a DevOps Engineer, you will, step by step, transform the current server infrastructure to a Cloud Native architecture.  

You will:

  • Keep production running (a mix of "pet" servers and Kubernetes deployments)
  • Build an easy, fun and fast development pipeline with CI/CD for developers
  • Maintain development tools and support developers where needed
  • Run apps in Ruby on Rails, Elixir/Phoenix using PostgreSQL, React, ...
  • Move to Cloud and Cloud Native architectures on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and AWS
  • Build new systems, based on Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab, serverless/FaaS, CI/CD approach ...

Keywords in our DevOps practice are automated deployment, CI/CD, best practices and minimizing single points of failure (High Availability). Proactive monitoring and alerting for the server infrastructure should be maintained at all times. 

Currently we use Chef for the "pet" systems and terraform + Kubernetes (Docker) for the Cloud Native systems. The CI/CD pipelines are mainly built in Gitlab.

Of course, we keep evaluating new technologies, and you can also contribute new technologies and approaches.


From a technical point of view:

  • You have a strong background in system administration (sysadmin), Linux (notably Ubuntu and Debian), postgreSQL, Gitlab, Redis, Cloud, Docker
  • You have experience with Chef/Ansible and terraform or a similar tools
  • You have experience with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and/or AWS
  • You have a keen interest in new Cloud Native, and serverless (FaaS) technologies
  • You are interested in monitoring, logging and alerting technology and have experience with New Relic/Zabbix/DataDog/Stackdriver of similar monitoring solutions
  • You have knowledge of Ruby and/or Elixir

From a general point of view:

  • You have a "fortress like" security work ethic
  • You are flexible and prepared to take on service calls outside office hours (but try to avoid them by building solutions that are Highly Available and self-healing)
  • You are an analytical thinker and a born problem solver
  • You can quickly absorb new technologies
  • You are fluent in English, every other language is an asset


In return for your expertise and commitment, PlayPass offers a challenging, varied and responsible job in a deeply technical environment in an exciting sector, at the forefront of innovation in the entertainment industry. You will be part of a young, entrepreneurial, dedicated and enthusiastic team.

PlayPass offers a competitive remuneration package. Both a freelance contract and an employee contract can be negotiated.

As the cashless payments market is still at an early stage, this is a truly unique opportunity to grow with PlayPass over the coming years.