From Antwerp to Hong Kong, at PlayPass we are privileged to work with the most renowned festivals and events in the world. From ticket scanning to a complete RFID integration, have a glimpse into what we do and who we do it with. Click for more information.

Rock werchter
Rock werchter

One of the biggest festivals. RFID access control to optimize the entrance flow of 85.000 visitors per day. Registered visitors can share their festival experience through Facebook by swapping their RFID wristband.

Number of visitors: 340.000 (4 days)Entrance gates: 48 RFID portals
Football Stadium KV Mechelen

Belgian Socces Team KV Mechelen went cashless in 2015 thanks to our services. They are using a RFID card for the consumption of beverages and food.

Number of Visitors: 10.000 each gamePlayPass Services: Cashless Payments and Access control
Dour Festival

Dour Festival has massive international recognition as one of Europe's greatest parties!

PlayPass Services: Access Control
Bime Conference & Festival

BIME is Europe's leading music conference and festival dedicated to exploring new opportunities between the music industry and tech, gaming, sync and new technologies. In addition, BIME hosts Europe's first Latin and South American Networking Summit, ...

Number of Visitors: 15.000PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments, Brand Activation, PayPal integration and Access control

PlayPass Services: Accreditation // Crew and Guest Management

Unite with Tomorrowland Barcelona

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Eastern Electrics

Fairground rides, street food, glitter girls, dress-up tents, hidden forest raves and much more on-site madness takes place in Hatfield House for EE, adding another dimension to the big day out. It’s a chance for ravers to lose themselves in a playground.

Number of Visitors: 25.000PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Graspop Metal Meeting
Graspop Metal Meeting

Roughest audience, but a remarkably smooth entrance flow through the use of automated RFID turnstiles. Minimum security to be employed.

Number of visitors: 130.000 (3 days)Entrance setup: 24 RFID swap gates / 18 gatekeepers
Zürich Openair

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Oktoberfest Mexico

Our first cashless payment production in Mexico

Cashless Payments: Based on NFC cards
Les Aperos Namurois

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Playpass movie
Lollapalooza Berlin

Lollapalooza Germany is a two-day music festival.

Number of Visitors: 80.000PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Pop Up Class

Inspiring speakers in an pop up location in the middle of Antwerp

CASHLESS PAYMENTS: All food and beverages could be bought through our cashless payment solution. Over 2.000 visitors in 2 weeks.
Al Rumbo Festival Spain

Since its birth in 2011 , Festival Al Rumbo commitment to ensure competitive prices to the public three days of celebration and great music.

Number of Visitors: 50.000PlayPass Services: Access control
Ceremonia Festival Mexico

Festival de música, artes y gastronomía presentado por Sicario, 8106 y OCESA.

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Brunch Elektronik Barcelona

Brunch Electronik Barcelona offers a full day of music, food and culture. An alternative to the couch Sunday with a program adapted to all tastes, from children’s activities to workshops, flea markets, vinyls, short films and documentaries screenings,...

Number of Visitors: 2.500 people each second sundayPlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Lollapalooza Chili

Lollapalooza Chile is the Chile–based version of the popular music festival Lollapalooza which is held in Santiago, Chile

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Bilbao BBK Live

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Lost Paradise Festival Australia

A festival to celebrate the end of the year near to Sydney Australia

PLAYPASS SERVICES: Cashless Payments
La Route Du Rock

A France 4 day festival held in Saint-Malo.

PLAYPASS SERVICES: Cashless Payments
Festival Primavera Fauna

A festival in Chile

PLAYPASS SERVICES: Cashless Payments
Summer Festival

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Cirque Magique

Cirque Magique few will create the magical setting in which we would like to invite each and every single one of you to explore your inner circus artist.

NUMBER OF VISITORS: 10.000PLAYPASS SERVICES: Cashless Payments and Access Control
Kwa La!

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Jazz Middelheim

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
The Formation World Tour 2016 Beyoncé

Beyoncé's tour stopped in Brussels Koning Boudewijn Stadion. We performed the access control at the event.

The Color Run Oostende

After the color run people were able to pay cashless for foor and beverages at the party after the event.

Mandala Festival

Mandala is produced and concepted by Extrema, the idea is of Julia Mingers. Extrema is one of the founders of dance festivals in the Netherlands. The company, with Marcel Mingers at the helm, started organizing dance parties, celebrations and festivals...

Number of Visitors: 8.000PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments and Access control
Ostend beach

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Standon Calling

Standon Calling is a three-day party featuring musical icons, breakthrough acts, a swimming pool, themed fancy dress, an on-site nightclub and bars that never close.

PLAYPASS SERVICES: Cashless Payments

MDRNTY and Caprices Festival

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Transmusicales De Rennes

As part of the artistic and cultural project , the Trans Musicales festival Meetings are the first to offer each year since 1979 an exploration of the great musical trends that will make news tomorrow. Born of a desire to meet the public Rennes ...

Number of Visitors: 20.000PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments and PayPal integration
Hong Kong Sevens Rugby Tournament

Firmly established as the world's premier event of its kind and one of the most popular annual sporting events in Asia, the Hong Kong Sevens attracts some of the world's greatest rugby players and thousands of fans from every corner of the globe to the ma

PlayPass Services: Access Control
Sportpaleis Group
Sportpaleis Group

Operating company of some of the biggest music and event venues in Belgium. Ticket scanning through the PlayPass access control platform.

Scanned tickets: +1.000.000Total shows per year: 200
Taste of Hong Kong

A truly unique event where upmarket and knowledgeable ‘foodies’ come to sample stunning signature dishes from the latest, greatest and most exciting local restaurants. Coupled with a sublime mix of quality food and drink brands and an outstanding ...

Number of Visitors: 8.000PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
DGTL Barcelona

A city festival in Spain.

PLAYPASS SERVICES: Cashless Payments
Clockenflap Music festival
Clockenflap Music festival

Hong Kong'g biggest outdoor art and music festival. Full cashless integration with NFC cards. Sponsor integration of Replay on the cards by offering a discount which could be redeemed after the event.

Number of visitors: 60.000 (3 days)Cashless setup: 100 POS terminals (fixed and mobile)
Piknic Elektronic Spain

A picnic in the park with good food, great company and the best electronic music. What more could you ask for? Following it's huge success in Montreal, Piknic Electronic is coming to Barcelona, offering an all-inlcusive music event for everyone, every ...

Number of Visitors: 5.000 each sundayPlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Low Festival
Low Festival

Winner of the Spanish festival award for most technological festival. Cashless solution including on-site automated topups through a Paypal-PlayPass partnership.

Number of visitors: 70.000 (3 days)PlayPass services: access control, brand activation, PayPal integration and cashless payments
Pink Floyd's David Gilmour "Rattle That Lock" World Tour 2016

Number of Visitors: 2 shows with 11.000 visitorsPLAYPASS SERVICES: Access Control
Engie Parkies

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Brussels Stephex Masters
Brussels Stephex masters

High end jumping event with great attention to the overall experience for both riders and audience. Full cashless integration in 2014. Extension to Accreditation Management in 2015.

Studio 100

PlayPass Services : Access control
De Zomer van Marktrock

A city festival held at 3 locations. We provided our cashless payment solution for 2 events in Aalst and Vilvoorde.

PLAYPASS SERVICES: Cashless Payments
Sonar Hong Kong

The Hong Kong edition of the pioneering festival from Barcelona celebrating music, creativity and technology.

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Pleinvrees Festival

A day festival in Amsterdam organized by Apenkooi Events for 22.000 visitors

PLAYPASS SERVICES: Cashless payments with automated top-up from PayPal
Gent Jazz

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
STRAF_WERK festival

A day festival held in Amsterdam by Apenkooi events for 20.000 visitors.

PLAYPASS SERVICES: Cashless payments with automated top-up by PayPal
Beach Volley Deluxe

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Su Casa Festival

We are taking over the adventure capital of Wales... Surf Snowdonia, transforming it like never before for one of the most unique events in the UK.

PLAYPASS SERVICES: Cashless Payments
Singapore Jazz Festival

Drawn to what is being seen increasingly as a global hub of art and culture, Singapore’s SING JAZZ 2016 featured some of the biggest names in world jazz as well as emerging talents – international, regional and, of course, Singaporean.

Number of Visitors: 8000PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments

2016 Ghent Floralies: A dynamic and interactive extravaganza for young and old, with fascinating inspirational gardens, breathtaking floral creations, flower workshops and the latest trends. Discover the most beautiful creations at 4 locations in Ghent.

Number of Visitors: 250.000PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments and Access control
Her Damit Festival Berlin

PLAYPASS SERVICES: Cashless Payments
Amsterdam Open Air

During the weekend, the showpieces of Amsterdam's nightlife are aligned and will merge into a musical, culinary and cultural adventure.

Number of Visitors: 25.000PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments and Access control
Slavnosti moře (Czech Food Festival)

8.000 visitors could enjoy delicious fish food dishes in BRNO in the Czech Republic over 2 days.

PLAYPASS SERVICES: Cashless Payments
Festival Cruïlla Barcelona

Cruïlla Barcelona is Barcelona Summer Festival, held at the Parc del Forum During this weekend will pass through 5 stages of the Festival bands. But the festival is not only concerts: Parc del Forum will be full of activities, circus, games, workshops,..

Number of Visitors: 45.000PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments, Brand Activation, PayPal integration and Access control
Massive Attack Tour @ Bristol

Fire Is Gold

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Extrema Outdoor NL

Extrema Outdoor is an international dance festival, organised yearly - since 1996 - on the shores of recreational beach Aquabest. Info @

Number of Visitors: 25.000PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments and Access control
Prairies de la mer

A vacation resort in France where all the visitors could buy all the products, food and beverages with our RFID wristband during their stay.

Cashless Payments: NFC wristband to do all payments
Splash! Festival Ferropolis Germany

Number of Visitors: 20.000PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Laundry Day

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Melt! Festival Germany

Number of Visitors: 20.000PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
AC/DC "Rock or Bust" Tour at Festival ground Werchter

For this event we provided our Access Control and Crew Accreditation tool. Scanning tickets and providing personal wristbands for all crew and

Access Control: Scanning of entrance ticketsAccreditation: Crew and Guest management
Memorial Van Damme

PlayPass Services: Access Control
Lekker Klassiek

A festival from Studio 100

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
Valhalla Festival Amsterdam

Follow the Way to Valhalla - A Bizarre Ride

Number of Visitors: 25.000PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments
TW Classic

A festival on the grounds of Rock Werchter

Picknic Elektronic Santiago

PLAYPASS SERVICES: Cashless Payments
Sion Air Show

PlayPass Services: Cashless Payments